Modern slavery act

Created in 1933, Air France is not only one of the oldest airline companies but also a major global player in its three core businesses: the transport of people (Passengers) by air, the transport of freight (Cargo) by air, and aircraft maintenance. From its hubs in Paris, the Company provides flights to over 300 destinations and 114 countries. The Company employs about 46,000 people: 91% are based in metropolitan France while the other 9% are located in countries where the Company operates. Air France's governance is built around two bodies: the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. Air France fully adheres to the principles and fundamental rights outlined in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and is committed to fighting all forms of slavery and human trafficking. Within the framework of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility, Air France is committed to promoting and acting in accordance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization (Conventions 138 and 182, on the elimination of child labor), and the elimination of all forms of forced or mandatory labor (Conventions 29 and 105). Each employee has the right to working conditions that respect his or her health, safety and dignity and to working conditions that guarantee labor relations. This Code applies to all Air France employees. In its relations with suppliers, Air France is committed to vigilantly ensuring that the fundamental principles and labor rights are respected throughout the world. Air France policy aims to have all suppliers sign a Sustainable Development Charter, which reflects the principles of the UN Global Compact. With this document and through its Procurement organization, Air France ensures that its suppliers respect the principles defined by the Charter. By signing this Charter, suppliers also accept Air France's right to conduct audits in order to confirm the application of the principles set out by this Sustainable Development Charter. Air France continues to pursue a vigilant approach aimed at fighting all forms of slavery and human trafficking. After serious discussion, and in compliance with the provisions of Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act, the Board of Directors has approved the present declaration. The President of the Board of Directors.